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Market Set Go is a search engine marketing firm which provides search engine marketing services (SEM Services) for Internet marketing companies.
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Search Engine Optimization and Consulting Services (SEO)

Search engines use mathematical formulas (algorithms) to crawl (spider) your site's content (code) to determine the subject matter and relevance of your site's web pages.  Search engine optimization requires not only an in-depth understanding of the way search engines find and crawl your site, but also the knowledge of how to position your pages correctly to get your most coveted keywords indexed and ranked in the search engine's data bases.

Areas of opportunity our search engineers focus on your site are keywords, META tags, internal and external linking.  Optimizing the in the page (ITP™) factors of your site (code and linking), are the essential building blocks of a successful search engine optimization campaign.  Think of trying to build a house without putting in a concrete foundation or build a car without a frame.  These are essential items needed for the overall success of the creation.  The same is held true for search engine rankings.  Your pages need to be optimized so the content can be crawled and indexed....this is stage one of two main stages.  You can read more about stage two and off the page (OTP) factors, i.e., external linking building, below.


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Back Linking Services

As discussed above, search engines crawl your site with their spiders (mathematical algorithms or formulas) to see what your site is about.  If everything is in place, they will index your content in their databases.  The next important part is where do your pages rank within the search engine databases?  Are you on page 1 or page 1,000?  Most Internet surfers really don't go much past page 2 of the search engine results pages (SERP's).  If you aren't on page 1 or very close, don't expect allot of traffic to your site.  The way to increase your ranking is by having other sites link back to your site (back linking). 

Acquiring back links to your site should be on ongoing process, getting links from directories such as the Yahoo Directory and DMOZ, industry-relevant websites, blogs, etc.  Links are part two of the search engine's main ranking formula.  Typically, the more links you have the higher your site will rank.  If you have 1 links pointing back to your site and your competitor has 100, if all other things are equal, your competitor will out rank you.  Blog links have become an effective approach to quickly and cost effectively build up your link popularity with the engines.  It is also another form of guerilla marketing, as bloggers blog about your products and services, creating unique content to link back to your site.  This "word of mouth" advertising is a very effective approach for link building.


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