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Market Set Go is provides search engine optimization services (SEO Services) and search engine placement services for Internet marketing companies.
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Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO Services)

Established in July 2003, Market Set Go is a privately held search engine marketing company based in Phoenix, Arizona. Developed by a team of industry experts and online marketing specialists, Market Set Go’s core competency is natural (organic) search engine optimization.  Our experience provides your site with Improved search engine rankings, placing your site higher in the search engine results and at the top of your competitors.

As an industry leader with a proven track record, Market Set Go will work with you to naturally optimize your website to rank your site higher for targeted keywords and drive search engine traffic from the Internet’s leading search engines. Increasing your site's exposure in the search engines increases the overall value of your site, increasing the value or your online asset.  Search engine placement services consist of the following four critical elements: 1) keyword analysis and selection, 2) website code enhancement, 3) internal and external back link analysis, 4) Findings and Analysis.


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Targeted Keyword Analysis
Identifying the words and phrases that people use to search the Web for content related to your web site’s content is the pivot point of any well-executed search engine optimization campaign. The keyword analysis process is designed to identify the keyword phrases you should be targeting on a page-by-page basis. We achieve this by reviewing the content of each web page and analyzing empirical data to identify the most popular search terms that your target audience is typing into search engines when searching for subject
matter related to the web page under review. 

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Optimized Web Page Code

Code change suggestions will be delivered in a pre-determined format. Code change suggestions for static pages are typically delivered in a .txt format. The file contains the URL, optimized title tags, META description tags, META keyword tags, Header tags, ALT tags, etc. Optimization for dynamically generated URLs is typically addressed at the template level.


Internal Linking Analysis

A thorough internal linking analysis of your site will be performed, looking at your internal linking navigation, site map structure and linking structure to help boost your site's link popularity, Google PageRank and overall search engine rankings.


External Linking Analysis
Once the search engine spiders can effectively navigate your site, the search engines will attempt to determine the relative importance of your site. Relevancy-based search engines use linking methodologies to determine the relative credibility of one site versus another with respect to subject matter. These links can have a substantial impact on the ability for your site to achieve and maintain prominent positioning for the keywords you covet.

Market Set Go Linking Analysis


The next step in the search engine optimization process is to make sure that each page of your newly optimized website is included in the indexes of all the relevant search directories. Market Set Go ensures that your directory submissions are in compliance with the directory’s technical parameters and ensures that listings are as keyword rich and relevant as possible.


Reporting and Analysis
Search Engine Ranking Analysis
Market Set Go will perform ongoing search engine ranking analysis based on the keyword terms selected for the campaign. The analysis is run at the beginning of the campaign and on a monthly basis throughout. The application enables us to provide intuitive comparative analysis that illustrates movements on a keyword-by-keyword, engine by engine basis.

Market Set Go Analytics Master


Project Management Extranet

Market Set Go also provides you with 24/7 access to a web-based project collaboration tool (”extranet”). The extranet enables centralized group communication, scheduling, task assignments, project milestones, and a forum to post messages and gather feedback, file sharing, etc.


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